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Kelly Martin Malone Wins Federal Court Trial in Negligence Case

After a week-long trial in federal court, Kelly Martin Malone won a defense verdict on all counts in a Negligence and Breach of Warranty case against her clients Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. and Tricam Industries, Inc. Working with Tricam’s lead counsel from Chicago, Kelly and the defense team successfully convinced a jury that their clients were not negligent after the plaintiff fell off an 8’ ladder and sustained life altering physical injuries he claimed were caused by a defective ladder. The jury was convinced, after hearing from the defendants’ ladder expert, that the ladder was not defective, and that the plaintiff caused his own injuries. Pre-trial, Kelly and the defense team were successful in getting a dismissal of an additional Failure To Warn claim. This is a significant victory in what could have been a six-figure judgment. Kelly was assisted behind the scenes by Associate, Caroline Lapish.

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