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(3) Non-Responsive Documents Need Not be Listed on a Privilege Log.

It is well settled that a party who withholds discovery materials must provide sufficient information, usually in the form of a privilege log, to enable the other party to evaluate the applicable protection.  State v. Lead Industries Association, Inc., No. 2010-288-Appeal at 20 (citing R.I. R. Civ. P. 26(b)(5)).  It is equally well settled that a party is only required to disclose on its privilege log documents, communications, or things not produced that are “otherwise discoverable.”  Id. at 21.  Thus, a document that is irrelevant, immaterial, overbroad, or never requested in document requests need not be disclosed on a privilege log.  Id.  For that reason, the Supreme Court held that “nonresponsive documents are not required to be reported in a privilege log.”  Id.

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