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Providence Business Litigation & Employment Attorney

The capital city of Providence is the most populated city in the state of Rhode Island. With roots dating back to 1636, it also ranks as one of the oldest communities in all of the United States. Situated in Providence County, the 20.6-mile city of Providence is among the largest cities in the New England region, trailing only Boston and Worcester in population.

Roger Williams, a well-known religious exile of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, founded the city, which is credited as one of the first in the country to industrialize. Though the city originally came to be known for its silverware and jewelry industries, it has today grown into a thriving medical and education hub, housing seven higher learning institutions and eight hospitals.

As a result, the community of more than 178,000 began rebranding itself as the “Beehive of Industry”, in order to highlight its many educational and artistic resources.

In a city like Providence, where the economy is bustling across a number of industries, it’s possible that employers, both private and public-sector, to experience legal issues stemming from employment or labor. If and when that occurs, employers may require the legal counsel of a qualified business attorney, who specializes in business law and its many facets.

Labor & Employment Law in Rhode Island

On any given day, an employer faces a number of challenges. Among these are those relating to state and federal laws, including labor matters and other aspects of employment relations.

The key to addressing any labor or employment issue is to handle it before it becomes a major problem. This is most commonly done through internal policies and the use of employee handbooks, in addition to companies providing the proper counseling regarding the state and federal laws that govern them.

Labor and employment disputes can occur in a variety of situations, some of which may require litigation, including:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Employee relations
  • Union contract negotiations and/or administration
  • Labor and management relations
  • Non-compete cases
  • Federal or state compliance, such as wage and hour laws or OSHA

In cases requiring litigation, it is important to enlist the assistance of an attorney who is well-versed in state and federal law, as well as how to handle cases like this in a court of law. One of the most important things to remember about employment and labor matters is that preparation and education can go a long way in avoiding difficult decisions and consequences, like company closings, layoffs or legal disputes.

Labor & Employment Attorneys in New England

If you or someone you know is an employers in the public or private-sector and is experiencing disputes regarding labor or employment, it is in your best interest to consult with a qualified business attorney as soon as possible.

In the state of Rhode Island, and other areas of New England like Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the attorneys at Adler Pollock & Sheehan (AP&S) specialize in assisting employers in complying with complex state and federal laws.

Our legal team is comprised of only the finest attorneys who specialize in business law matters, including labor and employment disputes and litigation, giving us the best possible advantage in helping to assist you and your organization today.

To schedule an initial consultation with one of our labor and employment attorneys, call the AP&S law office today at (401) 274-7200.

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