Digital Healthcare

Representative Patents and Published Applications

  • U.S. Patent 10,441,381 – Medical Adherence Device (Assignee: HealthBeacon, Ltd.)
  • U.S. Patent 10,433,754 – Implantable Wireless Neural Device (Assignee: Brown University)
  • U.S. Patent 10,433,725 – System and Method for Capturing Spatially and Temporally Coherent Eye Gaze and Hand Data During Performance of a Manual Task (Assignee: The Governors of the University of Alberta)
  • U.S. Patent Application 2020/0066401 – Method for Facilitating Communication, Data Access and Workflow in a Healthcare Environment/Facility (Assignee: Care Thread, Inc.)
  • U.S. Patent Application 2020/0038651 – Neural Interrogation Platform (Assignee: Brown University)
  • U.S. Patent Application 2020/0022778 – Medical Adherence Device (Assignee: HealthBeacon, Ltd.)
  • U.S. Patent Application 2019/0371477 – Systems for Making Personalized Medicine (Assignee: Vitae Industries, Inc.)
  • U.S. Patent Application 2019/0019576 – Pharmacy Fulfillment and Verification of Non-Sterile Compounding (Assignee: Vitae Industries, Inc.)
  • WO 2018/172858 – Medication Dispensing Phone Case System (Assignee: HealthBeacon, Ltd.)
  • U.S. Patent 7,568,237 – Access Control List with Convolution-Weakened Authorization (Assignee: Health Allianze)°

°Denotes representations that were handled by a member of Adler’s Life Sciences team prior to joining Adler Pollock & Sheehan, P.C.

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