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(4) Supreme Court May Affirm Trial Court Rulings on Other Grounds.

In addition to the Rhode Island Supreme Court’s ability to affirm a trial court’s grant of summary judgment on grounds other than those relied upon by the trial court, the Court may also affirm a trial court’s rulings on other grounds.  See Meyer v. Meyer, No. 2011-14-Appeal at 16 n.8 (citing In re Last Will and Testament of Quigley, 21 A.3d 393, 401 n.6 (R.I. 2011); Shepard v. Harleysville Worcester Ins. Co., 944 A.2d 167, 170 (R.I. 2008); Ahlburn v. Clark, 728 A.2d 449, 452 (R.I. 1999)).

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