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Mike Chittick and Brendan Ryan Win Important Ruling for RI Employment Law Defense Bar

In an employment discrimination suit brought by an employee of a local nursing home against the nursing home and the nursing home’s administrator, Mike Chittick and Brendan Ryan successfully argued that the administrator could not be held individually liable under either the Rhode Island Civil Rights Act (RICRA) or the Rhode Island Parental and Family Medical Leave Act (RIPFMLA). Rhode Island Superior Court Judge Kevin F. McHugh granted AP&S’s motion to dismiss filed on behalf of the nursing home administrator, holding that supervisory and management employees are not subject to individual liability under either RICRA or RIPFMLA.

Chittick commented on the ruling, noting that “We now have clarity and consistency on the issue of individual liability under Rhode Island’s employment statutes:  there is none.” Chittick also highlighted the importance of the ruling for individual management and supervisory personnel:  “Management personnel and human resources professionals can now sleep a bit easier knowing that they cannot be held personally liable for simply performing their jobs.”

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